November 17, 2015






シャトー2f 金曜バー/ Chateau 2F Friday Bar

本町6-5-3 シャトー小金井 2F, Koganei, Tokyo 184-0004




Chateau 2F B.A.T.S 2 with Karin Gunnarsson and Noriko Uno (aka C.Loopseend) introduce the artist film Plato’s Plates. (Dir. Karin Gunnarsson)

Improvised spoken word and electronic music perfomance with projected visuals playfully introduce key concepts in the film Plato’s Plates. For the event at Chateau 2F the artist Karin Gunnarsson and composer Noriko Uno are reforming their experimental music duo C.Loopseend, who last played in a collaboration with bassist Keiko Owada (Martin Creed Band) at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, in 2005.


B.A.T.S (BETWEEN ALEATORY AND TABOO SYNTHESIS) was a perfomance in London in 2002 by C.Loopseend. C.Loopseend, lead by Noriko Uno, started out by making innovative covers and mash-ups from a wide range of musical styles and languages, which culminated in a narrative spoken word, song and audio mash-up project `Drive`. C.Loopseend never released an album but performed actively between 2001-2005, at LMC (London Musicians Collective), OMSK and Resonance Fm events and was supported by David Cunnigham`s Piano records and performed on Amp Records `Music for the 3rd Millenium` (London, UK). 


PLATO`S PLATES is a short artist's film in black and white; written, designed and directed by Karin Gunnarsson. The film’s powerful and eclectic soundtrack is composed by Noriko Uno. 


Noriko Uno is an electronic composer based in London. Uno has a resume of collaborations with visual artists and musicians including Simon Bookish, Martin Creed and the music composition for Noboru Tsubaki`s `Moonwalk` at the Royal Festival Hall 2009.


Karin Gunnarsson, is a Swedish artist, based in Tokyo, predominantly working in photography and artist film. She graduated with an MA in Photography from London's Royal College of Art in 2009. Her latest soloshow was at Edinburgh's Summerhall in 2014 where she exhibited workfrom her ongoing 'Apparition' project. Her film project ‘Plato's Plates', which she wrote, designed and directed, was screened at Cinesonica 3 (Derry Northern Ireland, Vancouver Canada) and The Film Lab Festival (London) in 2013 and is currently touring various venues in Japan (Jodai House, Sendagaya, Japan Women’s University and more venues to be confirmed)



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