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Flowers for a Nobel Prize Winner

Institute of Cosmic Ray Research. Some of these guys are trying to find out what all this neutrino business is all about.. `The Chameleons of Space'​

​One of the interior cells for Hyper-Kamiokande

One of 200 mirror cells for the CTA; the largest gamma ray telescope to be produced.”The CTA captures gamma ray energy, the most powerful in the universe. Until now, such telescopes have only been able to map 10 percent of the sky along this wavelength. The CTA will offer 10 times more precision than current instruments, and aims to investigate the origin of cosmic rays, the composition of dark matter, and some of the most violent objects in the universe, such as black holes." El Pais

Large tank of helium. Particles become waves... in the quantum world aspects of the same state as this set-up apparently illustrates...

Copper Coil in states of destruction.

Ultra-high magnetic field generator. 2-3 million ampere current pulse creates a magnetic field to go through that single turn copper coil hoop, where you put the material you want to test. The coil blows up every time.

High Pressure Research Lab; where you squash things...

Where you freeze things...

Where you freeze things...

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